Thomas Zitzwitz - Silk Airplane
Silk Airplane
Thomas Zitzwitz - Fields of Dreams
Fields of Dreams

Thomas Zitzwitz’s atmospheric and often large-scale spray paintings teeter on an edge between illusionism and self-referentiality, to invite the spectator’s urge to push surface into space, to summon an entire world in which the senses and the mind activate, and, then, in a return, move into material and dissipate. In his squeegee paintings, spatial and […]

Thomas Zitzwitz - Ligne de Chance
Ligne de Chance
Thomas Zitzwitz - Spray Paintings
Spray Paintings
Thomas Zitzwitz - Die wilden Detektive
Die wilden Detektive

Spray Paintings by Thomas Zitzwitz “Everything folds in its own way, the rope and the stick as well as colors, which separate out in accordance with the concavity and convexity of the ray of light, and sounds which rise in pitch in accordance as the ‘trembling parts are shorter and tighter’.” Gilles Deleuze, Le pli. […]

Hommage to the Spray Gun – Text
Thomas Zitzwitz - Publications
Thomas Zitzwitz - Places and Spaces out there
Places and Spaces out there

Thomas Zitzwitz’s Imaginary Autobiographies cues up a reference to Luc Ferrari, the French-born Italian composer who was a primary exponent of Musique Concrète. In sampling from the broader world, the composer deployed sound as a form of sensuality, play and libidinal expression. Sensation flows freely in Ferrari’s exchange between perception and world, and—through the elasticity […]

Imaginary Autobiographies – Text
Thomas Zitzwitz - Imaginary Autobiographies
Imaginary Autobiographies
Thomas Zitzwitz - Guermantes
Thomas Zitzwitz - Le musée de l’innocence
Le musée de l’innocence
Thomas Zitzwitz - Works on paper
Works on paper

Zu den Spray Paintings von Thomas Zitzwitz »Alles faltet sich auf seine Art und Weise, die Schnur und der Stab, aber auch die Farben, welche sich nach der Konkavität und Konvexität des Lichtstrahls aufteilen, und die Töne, die desto höher sind, ›je kürzer und gespannter die Teile sind‹.« Gilles Deleuze, Le pli. Leibniz et le […]

Hommage to the Spray Gun – Text
Thomas Zitzwitz - Teresa aus Madrid mit gelbem Kleid
Teresa aus Madrid mit gelbem Kleid
Thomas Zitzwitz - Moleskine Orangée
Moleskine Orangée
Thomas Zitzwitz - Nach Pangaea
Nach Pangaea

„Le diamant la Croix du Sud brillait d’un reflet de lune sur sa peau“

La Croix du Sud – Text
Thomas Zitzwitz - Suite for Spray Gun
Suite for Spray Gun
Thomas Zitzwitz - likethingsiusedtotellyoulateatnight

Sur les Spray Paintings de Thomas Zitzwitz „Tout se plie à sa manière, la corde et le bâton, mais aussi les couleurs qui se répartissent d’après la concavité et la convexité du rayon lumineux, et les sons, d’autant plus aigus que ‚les parties tremblantes sont plus courtes et plus tendues’.“ Gilles Deleuze, Le Pli. Leibniz […]

Hommage to the Spray Gun – Texte
Thomas Zitzwitz - La Croix du Sud
La Croix du Sud
Thomas Zitzwitz - Eight books two weeks
Eight books two weeks
Thomas Zitzwitz - The Florent
The Florent